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Wheel Alignment
in Reigate, Dorking and the Surrounding Areas

Have you noticed unusual wear on one or more of your vehicle’s tyres? Or does your car pull to one side while driving?

Disruption to your vehicle’s suspension usually has a knock-on effect to other components.

One of the most common outcomes is wheel misalignment. When this occurs, your car’s wheels sit at an improper angle.

At Trustyres, we perform a wheel alignment service that sets them straight again, avoiding an array of associated problems.

Based in South Holmwood, our team excels at vehicle maintenance and repairs. Motorists in Dorking, Horsham, Redhill, Reigate and the neighbouring areas trust us to improve handling, safety and the all-round driving experience.

Having correct wheel alignment is key to achieving these. Properly aligned wheels also reduce wear on your tyres. When your wheels do fall out of alignment, you not only experience handling problems, but your tyres suffer significantly more wear. Failure to address the problem can reduce the lifespan of your tyres by as much as 30%.

Wheel Alignment | What to Expect

Trustyres uses the latest machinery to check and adjust the alignment of your vehicle’s wheels, restoring the manufacturer’s configuration.

When aligning angles, we focus on adjustments to the camber, caster and toe.


This is the ‘tilt’ at which the tyre sits relative to the road. If the top of the wheel leans away from your vehicle, it has a positive camber. A negative camber is when the top of the wheel leans inward.


This centres around the angle created by the steering’s pivot point from the front of your vehicle to the back. When angled forward, it’s positive. A backward angle is negative.


Your vehicle’s toe settings affect its handling capabilities. This is in relation to the direction of the tyres, relative to your car’s or van’s centre line.

As with all forms of vehicle maintenance, prevention is better than the cure. This is especially true with wheel alignment. When you visit Trustyres for regular alignment checks, you can save money by staying ahead of potential problems.

Our service helps to maximise the lifecycle of your tyres, and your investment in them. With properly aligned wheels, your vehicle also consumes fuel more efficiently.

Current industry guidelines recommend having your wheels’ alignment checked every 12 months.

How Do Wheels Become Misaligned?

There are typically 3 main causes of wheel misalignment:

Heavy Impact or Sudden Jarring

Common examples include hitting a pothole at speed, bumping a kerb or a road traffic accident.

Worn Parts

As you drive on the roads of Dorking, Horsham, Reigate and the surrounding areas, components suffer wear and tear. This includes the suspension springs. When they become worn, they slacken, which leads to a change in wheel alignment.

Height Modification

Your car’s manufacturer designed the suspension to work at a specific height. If you modify this without altering the suspension, wheel misalignment is the likely outcome.

Identifying the Symptoms of Wheel Misalignment

If you experience any of the following issues, you likely need to have your wheels realigned.

For complete tyre care, we also provide TPMS services.

Call 01306 302 025 to schedule your wheel alignment check. We welcome queries from all local areas, including Dorking, Horsham and Reigate.