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Mobile Tyre Fitters in Reigate
When Do You Need to Schedule a Tyre Replacement Service?

As the only part of your vehicle in contact with the road, it’s vital to keep your tyres in good condition. While a proactive approach to maintenance services like wheel alignment helps to prolong the lifespan of a tyre, the time will eventually come when you need to replace it. When this moment arrives, it’s important to act quickly. Worn tyres not only affect your handling and driving experience, but they also become more unsafe. Because they increase fuel consumption too, delaying tyre replacement also increases costs.

A timely visit from our mobile tyre fitters improves safety for you and other Reigate motorists. When a tyre blowout occurs, drivers typically struggle to control their car or van. As a result, you’re much more likely to have an accident involving another vehicle.

But when do you need to consider replacing your tyres? To help clarify the situation, we have outlined the basics below.

When Do You Need a Tyre Replacement?

Minimum Tread Depth

The most obvious aspect of tyre safety is the tread depth. For clarity, this refers to the deepness of the grooves covering a tyre’s circumference.

When you buy new tyres, they have a tread depth of between 6mm and 8mm. The current legal minimum is 1.6mm. Most tyres come equipped with tread wear indicators. You can find these at the bottom of each groove in the form of hard, raised bars. When the tread becomes level with these bars, you have reached the legal limit.

Like all reputable mobile tyre fitters, however, we advise not relying solely on these indicators. For one reason, uneven wear can lead to inaccurate results.

As with wheel alignment and other maintenance services, you should take a proactive approach to lessen potential costs, downtime and disruption. As such, we recommend tyre replacement when tread depth reaches 2mm to 3mm.Because we provide an onsite and mobile service, you can either visit our workshop in South Holmwood, or we can come to a Reigate location of your choosing.

Tyre Damage

In addition to becoming worn, tyres are also susceptible to damage. But tyre damage isn’t always as easy to spot as a puncture. In fact, there might not even be any immediate impact on your vehicle’s handling. Damage can also occur due to something minor, like driving over a pothole, or because of an incident you aren’t even aware of.

Regardless, once your tyre has suffered damage, its condition only worsens. This is why it’s so important to check the condition of your tyres on a regular basis.

Splits, bulges and blisters are common indicators of internal issues. Exposure to sunlight may even cause cracks. Incorrect wheel alignment also leads to unusual wear.

Once this kind of damage becomes established, it results in a loss of pressure. This increases the likelihood of a sudden blowout. As soon as you notice these signs of damage, get in touch with our mobile tyre fitters to book your tyre replacement service.

The Risks of Driving with Worn Tyres

Continuing to drive in and around Reigate with severely worn tyres increases the chances of:

You will also have to contend with poor grip and longer braking distances.

When it comes to road safety, lower long-term costs and extra peace of mind, prompt tyre replacement ticks every box.

Call 01306 302 025 to schedule your tyre replacement service. Our mobile tyre fitters cover Reigate and all neighbouring areas.