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Battery and Tyre Replacement in Dorking
The Core Services Our Onsite and Mobile Tyre Fitters Provide

Are your tyres nearing the legal minimum tread depth? Is your vehicle’s battery at the end of its lifecycle? At Trustyres, we provide a range of services designed to get your car or van back on the roads of Dorking again. Chief among these is tyre replacement. Our team of land-based and mobile tyre fitters remove your current tyres and fit new ones from an array of leading brands. You can also rely on us for battery replacement, wheel alignment, TPMS work and more.

We recognise that not every motorist has an in-depth knowledge of these services. However, we recommend gaining at least a basic familiarity with them as it will help you to identify issues earlier. Generally speaking, the sooner you visit us with a problem, the easier, faster and cheaper it is to fix.

An Introduction to Our Services

Onsite and Mobile Tyre Fitting

Having new tyres fitted isn’t anyone’s idea of fun, but our onsite and mobile tyre fitters certainly make it simpler and more convenient.

If it suits you, you can visit our bricks-and-mortar workshop in South Holmwood, a short drive from Dorking, for your tyre replacement service. If you’re further away, or you simply can’t afford to take time out of your busy schedule, we can come to you. We cover locations in Surrey and West Sussex, including homes and workplaces. No matter which option you prefer, we deliver quick turnaround times without any compromise in quality standards. Our company responsibly disposes of old tyres on your behalf too.

Wheel Alignment

Also known as tracking, this service is a key aspect of vehicle maintenance. The alignment itself refers to the direction and angle at which your tyres are set. Over time, the wheels of your car or van fall out of alignment. Likewise, if you drive over a pothole at speed or hit a kerb, misalignment can also occur.

But how can you tell if this has happened to your vehicle? The common signs you should watch out for include:

You may also experience altered braking distances, fuel consumption and all-round driving quality. This is not only a safety concern for you and other Dorking motorists, but it also reduces your tyre’s lifespan by up to 30%.Our onsite and mobile tyre fitters carry out corrective wheel alignment. This can be a standalone service if you have healthy tyres, or following a tyre replacement service.

Vehicle Batteries

Your car or van can develop battery issues for an array of reasons. If you ignore or fail to understand early indicators of a problem, you may reach the point where your vehicle simply fails to start.

In such a case, Trustyres undertakes mobile battery replacements. If you notice any change in performance before this point, we strongly advise getting in touch and visiting our team for a less stressful and disruptive experience.

TPMS Services

The TPMS (tyre pressure monitoring system) continually monitors the pressure of your tyres as you drive in and around Dorking. It does so through sensors connected to your vehicle’s ECU.

When your tyres fall to a certain pressure, the relevant sensor illuminates a dashboard light to warn you of the underinflation. When this happens, you should visit Trustyres for the required corrective work. In most cases, this simply involves inflating tyres to the required pressure again. But if you have an unforeseen issue, you may require anything from wheel alignment to tyre replacement.

As time-served mobile tyre fitters, we cover every eventuality.

Call 01306 302 025 to speak with our onsite and mobile tyre fitters about tyre replacement or any of our other services in Dorking.